Thinking about buying a plane ticket soon for an upcoming trip? This Tuesday might be the perfect time to buy it.

There were researchers done regarding this that what would be the best time to buy a plane ticket. Travel app Hopper recently researched the historical cost of plane tickets and determined that the best day to buy a plane ticket is likely the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. According to Hopper researchers, airlines offer major discounts on flights starting Tuesday because by that point most travelers have already booked their holiday airfare but haven’t started planning winter getaways yet.

Researchers last year said that they observed more than double the normal fare sale activity of the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which it’s dubbing “Travel Deal Tuesday.” In 2015 to say fare sale activity spike to 6x the normal rate.

As far as when it expects that to happen, Hopper says the deals start to ramp up at 6:30 am ET on Tuesday and hit their peak around 9:30 am ET.

According to his researches,  below are some of the fares Hooper expects to be available come Tuesday:


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